What is safer gambling?

Safer gambling means gambling without putting yourself and others at risk of harm and whilst majority of people play responsibly, for others gambling may have harmful consequences.

Promoting safe gambling plays a huge part in Fitzdares’ overall business strategy and our continuing commitment to ensure the welfare of all of our members.

By talking to us you help us protect you and those around you.

Gambling should be fun!

We have designed our products and services to provide fun so let’s keep it this way.

Give your account an MOT

This week is a perfect time to reflect on your gambling activity.

Look at your account now, and ask yourself:

  • How much have I spent this month?
  • Am I losing a bit more than I thought?
  • Shall I just set up those deposit limits I’ve been thinking about for ages?
  • Have I really lost my weekend to blackjack?

Fancy a chat?

Our dedicated team are not only here to monitor your gambling behaviour but also to reach out to you whenever you are would like to talk about your gaming, especially during lockdown.

As part of the Safer Gambling week we have launched a special email address so that you can write to us confidentially If you have any concerns about your gambling, email fancyachat@fitzdares.com

Finally, if you need to chat with someone, call or email us, whilst GAMCARE can be reached on:

UK — 0808 8020 133

NI — 1800 936 725

IRL — 08000 886 725

Please play responsibly